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Some looks are distinct; others not so much. And some looks are so embedded in the culture they are undeniable. This is a nod to the great American’s catalog brands that came before us… from LL Bean to Ralph Lauren. Bona fide U.S. of A.

A well-made pocket square is a singular indulgence. This is why each square and round, from scissor to final stitch, takes over 3 hours to complete. The corners of the squares are always 90-degree angles, and it’s nearly impossible to determine where the stitching of the rounds begin or end. While some might find this dedication to detail bordering on obsessive, it’s the only way Fisch – a master dressmaker – knows.

This pocket square comes in a beautiful white gift box with the Byk & Fisch logo, and it’s folded in our special Byk & Fisch origami design. After folded, it’s wrapped in custom tissue paper and tied with a satin ribbon, ready to be gifted to that special someone or enjoyed by you!

  • Style: Pocket Square
  • Source: 100% Cotton
  • Size: 13.25” x 13.25”
  • Care: Dry Clean or Hand wash
  • Thread: Gütermann, hand rolled edge with 90-degree corners
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